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Your professional and personal goals are central to our consulting services; we take the time to get to know you better so we can offer the best advice.

Management consultancy

Our management consultancy service can review your credit control, stock control, budgeting and financial reporting systems and allow you to take full control of these key areas of your business. We can also help you address specific problem areas in your business such as gross profit, cost control and stock valuation.

Effective management information will allow you to seize opportunities when they arise or identify problems quickly so you can take effective corrective action.

Information technology

Information technology (IT) is one of the key resources available to every business to achieve its short and long-term objectives. Using the knowledge gained from our own systems and those designed for other clients, our in-house IT team are able to advise on IT related matters with first-hand experience. We can install software, provide training and help you to obtain the best from your chosen system. Our expertise enables a complete range of services to be offered, including:

  • Software selection
  • Hardware selection
  • Installation & training
  • Management reporting solutions
  • Payroll systems

If you are spending too much time writing up books, typing invoices and chasing debts we help to take control by computerising your accounts system. We can help you to make the best use of IT resource to produce financial information that is accurate and appropriate for running your business effectively. With the correct accounting software you will save hours of hard work leaving you more time to deal with the more important areas of the business.

In short, whether you are investing in new technology, reviewing existing systems or have simply outgrown your current resource, we can help.

Human resources consultancy

Whether a company employs one member of staff or 10,000, our HR consultants focus on every area within the framework needed to support, nurture and develop these key individuals and teams.

The team are experienced in recruitment campaigns for board level executives, middle managers and junior personnel. From job advert through to formal offer of employment we can manage the process ensuring you attract good candidates and secure the right person.
Most employees are entitled to a contract of employment. A mistake at this stage of the process can prove very costly in the longer term. Our experts produce these legal documents on a daily basis and know exactly what language to use leaving employer and employee with a clear understanding of what is agreed.
Team development
A significant factor in the successful retention of the best people in an organisation is the maintenance of a positive and consistent approach to personal development. This includes regular appraisals, training and performance monitoring. We can put these structures in place for you and provide the training and support to Managers and Supervisors to make them effective.
The law
Employment law covers every conceivable outcome or eventuality involving an employee. Coupled with related Acts such as Health and Safety at Work and Disability Discrimination, employers are in an unenviable position in terms of mitigating the risk of litigation. We can advise employers about their rights and the rights of their employees, helping to ensure the maintenance of good relations across the workforce.
Discipline & grievance
It is sometimes necessary to take disciplinary action involving an employee. This can lead to various outcomes including dismissal. However, the management of any disciplinary or grievance procedure requires specialist handling to avoid potential claims against the employer at a later date. We understand the sensitivities involved in such cases and are used to working within the parameters that govern these matters

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